Not Your Typical Consultants

Who would’ve thought that an old video tape and a tattoo could have sparked the idea for all this? It’s true. Our CEO & Founder has always had a passion for doing good. But a dream she had back in 2006 planted a seed that is today do good Consulting. Check out the video, tattoo, and story that started all this.

The do good team.

Building Better Nonprofits 

do good’s nonprofit trainings are the bomb. Just ask our participants: they’re raving about the topics, our content, our trainers, and most importantly, the impact these trainings have on their work and clients.

Check out do good’s trainings. 



We’ve Got You Covered

Looking for high-impact, hard-hitting, inspiring work that delivers value and results? You’re in the right place. No canned, one-size-fits-all schemes here. Just a diversity of services all customized, practical, and outcomes-focused for your organization’s unique needs.



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