Not Your Typical Consultants

Our CEO & Founder, Laura, always had a passion for doing good. But a dream and a video combined to plant a seed that became do good Consulting and our quest to help nonprofits do their good even better.

Check out the video, tattoo, and story that started it all.

Nonprofit Excellence Training Series

With the state budget crisis deeply impacting social service agencies and other nonprofits, do good Consulting and Inform & Inspire Consulting have joined forces to provide low-cost training in fundraising, grant-writing, and other skills nonprofits need to both survive and thrive.

Check out the hands-on, high-impacts sessions being hosted in Decatur.

High-Impact Services

growthstrategieslogoLooking for high-impact, hard-hitting, inspiring work that delivers value and results? You’re in the right place. No canned, one-size-fits-all schemes here. Just a diversity of services all customized, practical, and outcomes-focused for your organization’s unique needs.

Find out what others are saying about our work and check out these success stories.

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