Marketing, Communications & Outreach

do good Consulting offers a variety of Marketing, Communications and Outreach services for nonprofit organizations.

do good really delivers when it comes to marketing and communications needs. Our team brings compelling and diverse backgrounds in the nonprofit world – art, storytelling, elected service, business, government, and media.We are storytellers, graphic designers, videographers, copywriters, trainers, and planners. We are high energy. We are practical. We’re clever. And we care. Let us put our talents to use for you.From a new website to an event brochure to a media blitz to training, tell us your needs and we’ll create a custom work plan to get you beyond where you need to be. We’ve got you covered.

Marketing & Outreach Workshops

do good really delivers when it comes to training your group to do good. Our philosophy is both to help you and train you in doing the work that needs to be done by bringing you low-cost, high-impact techniques that really work to help your group be a leader in your field.

We offer high-impact interactive workshops and trainings perfect for board members, staff, and volunteers that blend discussion and small group activities, individual reflection and work, as well as personal action planning to give your staff, volunteers, and board members the information and motivation they need to be successful in being strong cheerleaders and ambassadors for your cause.

Attend one of our marketing and communications workshops for a couple hours, a half a day, or even a full day and you’ll leave filled with new ideas and energy, ready to dig into new ways of reaching out through storytelling, the media, photography and videography, public speaking, written communications, public relations, and online channels.

Storytelling & Storytelling Training

In your line of work, you can numb ’em with numbers or snag ’em with stories. A clever combination of both can steal donors’ hearts while delivering confidence to boost donations and volunteerism.

Storytelling is one of the most effective ways to engage audiences. But it’s an art not all possess. Fortunately we do. We’re a team of accomplished storytellers, writers, photographers, and videographers who know what it takes to make your work, clients, services, and impacts sing.

From fundraising letters to presentations to websites to newsletters to press releases, we’ll help you touch emotions, change attitudes, raise more money, and win over audiences.

Graphic Design & Website Development

Strong visual communications have never been more important in staying competitive in the nonprofit world. Gone are the days of clip art, dated and dusty logos, piecemeal websites, and tri-fold brochures.

Our team is here to deliver an array of graphic design needs for your team. Our specialties include eye-catching printed materials like brochures, event programs, and collateral needs (e.g., magnets and other giveaways). We also really rock at logos and other branding needs (think letterhead and business cards).

We also really love building websites that work. We bring a solid team of those who know how to build the backend of a well-constructed site that works now and into the future and the communications experts to create an audience-driven navigation plan and all visual and written content to engage the public and drawn them in wanting more.

We don’t do anything half-way. Our work is striking. It’s clear. And it’s sophisticated. So whatever you need to say, wherever you need to say it, we’ve got you covered.

Videography & Photography

If a picture says a thousand words, how many does a video? You get the idea: pictures and videos are tremendously important media your organization needs to be using – and using well. We’ve all seen bad photos (or tried to un-see them), and we’ve also seen great ones that draw us into the story behind the picture, and maybe even the story that accompanies the picture.

Most nonprofits don’t have professional photographers or videographers on staff. Some have amateur volunteers who can’t be everywhere all the time. And sometimes you just need a job done right.

Whether it’s some great eye-catching and awe-inspiring pictures of clients and volunteers, a video for your website’s homepage, some film clips to use on social media, or recording and documenting an event like a Habitat home dedication, your annual volunteer awards ceremony, or having a client’s story told, we’ve got you covered.

E-Newsletters & Social Media

Most organizations these days have e-newsletters and social media accounts of various types. Some of us do these well and others, well, not so much.

Sometimes it’s the construction that’s dated. Sometimes it’s just a training in content that’s needed. Sometimes it’s time – or a lack of it. Sometimes it’s all of the above.

Regardless of your e-needs – newsletters or social media – we can get you the training, upgrades, content, and plans you need to excite donors, volunteers, customers, clients, and the community.

Media & Government Relations

Building and sustaining relationships with the media and elected officials is integral to solid nonprofit communications and growth. Along with other strong communications efforts, these connections put you ahead of the pack with a network of high-value influencers connected to the masses that can dramatically magnify organizational efforts.

do good’s team has decades of experience working with the media developing media campaigns, pitching stories, writing press releases, running press conferences, and with on-air, taped, and live appearances.

We even have team members who have served in elected office, providing you with unique and high-value input and training on navigating complicated bureaucracies, interfacing with staff and elected officials, and effectively lobbying and campaigning to promote your cause.

If you’re looking to get more media- and government-savvy, do good is here for you. From pitching stories to press releases to press conferences and from city hall to Capitol Hill, we’ve got you covered.


Other Customized Marketing & Communications Services

Our work is all custom to your needs. If you don’t see what you need here, contact us. We’re most interested in getting you what you need and helping you raise the visibility you need to fuel your mission and drive your success. We’ll work with you on a custom plan that fits your needs and budget.

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