Strategic & Organizational Planning

do good Consulting offers an array of Strategic Planning and Organizational Planning services for nonprofit organizations.

What’s your vision for success? How will you get there? Will you know when you arrive?

Operating without a strategic plan guiding your efforts – or plans to direct fundraising, marketing, and program efforts – is like building a house without blueprints.

If it’s time to dust off and update that outdated strategic plan or to develop sub-plans, we’re here to help your team develop engaging and meaningful roadmaps for your work and future.

So let’s put that vision in writing and get your team the strategy needed to build success – on purpose. When it comes to planning, we’ve got you covered.

Strategic Planning

Imagine your family heading out for a vacation without having laid a single plan: no lodging reservations, no map (or GPS), and no tickets. You don’t have the right suitcases and haven’t even checked your bank account to see if you can afford the trip.

Sure, impromptu road trips can sometimes be fun. But if it feels like your organization is on a multi-year impromptu road trip (roller coaster?), perhaps it’s time to develop a strategic plan.

Strategic plans drive well-oiled, high-performing organizations and teams. The systematic process helps your organizational team jointly develop and agree on priorities essential to your mission, be responsive to current and future environments, and be intentional and pro-active in allocating resources to achieve priorities.

In developing or refreshing your strategic plan, do good’s team will carry you through a review of your mission and vision, a stakeholder survey, a SWOT analysis to understand organization’s Strengths & Weaknesses and identify Opportunities & Threats, and host a high-energy and motivating strategic planning retreat that brings your stakeholders to the table filled with ideas and energy. The living, breathing document that results will provide a solid and clear path to your future, inspire your team, and fuel your mission.

Marketing/Communications, Fundraising & Program Plans

Like your strategic plan guiding overall organizational efforts, your fundraising, marketing and communications, and planning efforts should also be guided by annual and/or multi-year plans.

You won’t find bland consultant-speak in the plans we help you create. What you will find are clear goals and action steps, along with clear roles for who does what and when. Checklists and check-offs help you know what’s been accomplished and what needs whose attention. And whenever we can, we’ll list costs and resources needed as well as expected returns so you know what to expect.

To get your plans developed, your team members will work side-by-side with do good specialists to create useable, exciting roadmaps for action and maximum returns. These plans won’t be collecting any dust. We promise.

Organizational Assessments

What if you knew exactly what your organization could and should change to improve your performance and better meet goals?

Externally-conducted organizational assessments are a powerful diagnostic tool to help your group adapt, survive, and thrive. Through a systematic research and analysis process an array of information is gleaned and analyzed about the performance of all aspects of your organization and the factors that affect performance. Reviewed areas include structure, communications, fundraising, governance and leadership, planning, programs, volunteers, technology, financial management, and legal issues.

do good’s organizational development experts take a deep dive into your operations to give you a detailed analysis of performance, concrete suggestions for improvements, and urgency and cost ratings to help you best allocate time and resources for maximum return on investment.

These assessments – and the improvements they lead to – are more important than ever as donors and funders look to invest in high-performing, efficient organizations that deliver real results. When it comes to doing better, we’ve got you covered.

Strategic Opportunity Identification

Looking to start a new program or expand your operations, but don’t know if the timing is right or what resources need to be aligned?

Perhaps you have the good fortune of being left a bequest or other large gift and need to determine how best to allocate those funds to achieve specific results. Or maybe you need to respond to an emergency situation or other crisis and need a clear and decisive path of action.

Let do good’s experts jump in and help you conduct a feasibility study, determine opportunities ripe for cultivation, develop a special needs plan, or help out when things get a bit dicey. No matter your special need, we’ve got you covered.

Metrics, Program Assessment & Outcome Evaluations

Are your programs really making a difference to clients and the community? Do you have the measurements you really need to compel donors and funders? Move from simply collecting and logging numbers to measuring, determining, and communicating real impact.

do good will work with your staff to take a deeper dive into measuring and assessing the short- and long-term impacts and benefits of your organization’s programs. We’ll set you up with new tools to make tracking and analysis easy and help you understand how and where to communicate results for maximum impact, including with donors and funders.

New Organization Start-Up Planning

do good has helped dozens of individuals and fledgling causes fulfill their dreams of more formally serving their community by incorporating as a nonprofit organization, filing for 501(c)(3) status with the IRS, and creating the foundation from which to springboard their efforts, including baseline fundraising, outreach, and program plans.

Let’s face it: state and federal government requirements and forms can be daunting, especially to those who haven’t navigated those waters before. But do good has been chartering them for decades and can make short order of the tasks involved. We also have been the founders of start-up groups just like yours and we know not only the forms, but also the organizational needs you’ll have as a new group to get you started on the right foot and propel you successfully for years.

If you want help taking the next steps to grow your great cause and build a lasting foundation, start with do good.


Other Customized Planning Services

Our work is all custom to your needs. If you don’t see what you need here, contact us. We’re most interested in getting you what you need and helping you with the plans you need to fuel your mission and drive your success. We’ll work with you on a custom plan that fits your needs and budget.

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