GiftWorks Fundraising Software

GIftWorks Fundraising SoftwareWHAT IS GIFTWORKS AND WHY USE IT?

Small to mid-sized nonprofits! GiftWorks is for you!

After having spent decades working for nonprofits organizations on-the-ground and in the trenches, as well as working with dozens of others as consultants, the team at do good Consulting knows how important a great database system is to your work.

It can mean the difference between a lackluster appeal program and a stunning one. It can make or break a volunteer program. It can be the difference between a stressed and overworked staff and one that has the ability and time to really do their jobs.

While this may sound a bit pie-in-the-sky, a strong and flexible Constituent Relationship Management System, or CRM, really can make your job at your organization a whole lot easier, more productive, more prosperous, and more meaningful.

If you’re tired of trying to manage information from various sources, sorting piecemeal data in systems propped-up with dubious formulas, or double-entering records in both spreadsheets and financial programs, GiftWorks is for you. (See do good's article on Friends Don't Let Friends Use Excel here).

If you’re tired of losing track of donors, not knowing which donors volunteer and how much and how often donors give, GiftWorks is for you. In fact, read the top 10 best reasons to use GiftWorks here.

Just about the only thing GiftWorks won’t do for you is actually fundraise. They leave that to you. But once you do, you’ll definitely be on the right track for not only maintaining your donor program, but growing it, too.

Now doesn’t that sound nice?


After beta-testing, on-the-ground testing, hearing feedback from clients using GiftWorks for their donor and volunteer management needs, and even trying it ourselves, do good Consulting’s experts feel that the GiftWorks Constituent Relationship Management system is well-suited to meeting the needs of most small to midsized nonprofit organizations that rely on donations from individual donors and the work of volunteers. Sound like you?

That's why do good Consulting endorses GiftWorks and encourages you to try it. Go ahead: give it a whirl. Take GiftWorks for a test drive here.

I’m sold! Call 717-431-0200 to purchase your copy of GiftWorks. Tell them do good sent you to get the very best pricing and package for your organization.


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