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Ten Tips for Healthy Special Events (PDF)

by Laura Huth, do good Consulting

If you feel your group has fallen into this special event “holy grail” quest, try the ten tops tips in this article from do good Consulting for bringing things back on track. From forming a committee to day of to post-evaluation, these ten tips will help your organization create some outstanding, successful, and popular events.

Components of a Good Annual Fundraising Plan (PDF)

by Laura Huth, do good Consulting

A Fundraising Plan – be it short-term for a specific event or covering your current operating year – is an essential tool for any successful non-profit organization. Without it is like driving a cross-country road trip with no map or compass or destination in mind: you’re just drifting. Don't have a plan? Use this handy guide to get you started.

Donor Recruitment or Donor Development (PDF)

by Elizabeth Simpson, do good Consulting

It is common for successful non-profits to raise $1 for every $0.20 they spend on fundraising. But fundraisers who focus too much time recruiting new donors over developing existing donors can actually experience financial losses. Learn some great donor recruitment and development tips in this article.

Record Giving: Where Are You Seeking Support? (PDF)

by Laura Huth, do good Consulting

In May 2007, the Giving USA Foundation released its 2006 numbers for philanthropic giving in the United States. The news bodes well for those involved in one of the 1.4 million non-profits in the country, though the sources of this money routinely shock staff and board members, volunteers, and others.

Thank You Notes Do Double Duty: Great Etiquette for Saying Thanks (PDF)

by Laura Huth, do good Consulting

More than merely complying with new IRS standards for 2008, sending thank you notes is a great opportunity to build rapport with donors. For thank you notes that both fulfill your legal obligation and foster rewarding donor relationships, be sure to follow these guidelines outlined in this article.

Giving USA Releases 2007 Charitable Giving Statistics

In June, the Giving USA Foundation, through its annual yearbook on philanthropy called Giving USA, released updated statistics for charitable giving in the U.S. To view the 2008 Charitable Giving pie chart, click here. Despite entering into a recession, giving remained strong, rising above $300 billion for the first time in history.

Two Ears, One Mouth: The Power of Listening

Major gifts fundraising is more about listening than talking. Solicitors who talk too much tend to fail. You cannot talk someone into giving you money. In fact, you can talk them out of giving by talking too much. This short article by Andy Robinson gives you some tips on how to use the power of listening to get major gifts.


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