event fundraising

do good’s team brings a wealth of experience in nearly all types of fundraising, from grassroots strategies and annual campaigns to donor software installs and data analysis to maximize efficiency and success.

Our services include high-energy trainings to inspire, motivate, and guide your team as well as hands-on work developing plans, strategies, and the materials you need for success. Our work is all custom: we work with you on a custom work plan that fits your specific needs and budget.

If you want to raise more money, find and connect with donors, and involve your board, we’ve got you covered.

Basic & advanced fundraising trainings

Our interactive workshops blend discussion and training, small group activities, one-on-one reflection, and personal action planning to give your staff, volunteers, and board members the information they need to be successful in fundraising efforts.

Participants will leave energized and ready to review current fundraising efforts to find untapped opportunities, and feel ready to take the steps necessary to diversify and strengthen their organization’s fundraising efforts.

Fundraising planning

Fundraising plans are ‘roadmaps’ that help you set funding priorities and goals, limit crisis fund raising, increase board involvement, diversify and fully engage your funding base, and help you take advantage of all opportunities. We’ll help you integrate fundraising with all other organizational activities, add emotional ‘punch’ to your fundraising tools, and make the most productive use of your team’s time.

Annual, major gifts, and grassroots giving strategies

In 2014, over $300 billion was donated by individuals to charities. By comparison, foundations and corporations combined gave only $40 billion. If your organization is not raising a majority of your funds from individuals, you are missing a major – and unrestricted – funding opportunity.

We can help you implement new donor identification and cultivation processes, increase levels of support from current donors, transform small donors into major donors, and excite your staff and board while doing so. Move past emergency funding fixes and on to long-term sustainable fundraising.

Database installations & donor data analysis

If you have hundreds or thousands of donor records in an outdated database or spreadsheets throughout the office, you’re leaving money on the table. Database systems – or constituent management systems (CMS) – can transform and streamline your fundraising operations.

Let us help you find the perfect CMS system for your needs, including research, installation, data import, data deduplication, customizations, and training in your system. We can also help you analyze your donor data and help you create the best next steps moving forward to raise the money you need for your mission.


Other customized fundraising services

Our work is all custom to your needs. If you don’t see what you need here, contact us. We’re most interested in getting you what you need and helping you raise the money you need to fuel your mission and drive your success. We’ll work with you on a unique work plan that fits your needs and budget.

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