Professional Development & Coaching

do good Consulting offers a diversity of Professional Development & Professional Coaching services for nonprofit organizations for nonprofit organizations.

If you’re leading your organization through change, seeking to empower your team for maximum efficiency, or expanding or replacing staff, Laura can help.

She’ll work with you, your staff, and your board to get you the skills and cohesion needed to run a great organization. When it comes to developing team, Laura has you covered.



Today’s nonprofit is fast-paced, under-funded, and riddled with unpredictable situations daily. At the heart of an effective team that can deal with these issues is a core of mutual respect.

A healthy workplace – with low staff turnover and highly-trained and motivated workers – starts with a team (board, staff, and volunteers) that knows how to properly transform stress into productive energy, is trained for top performance, and feels a sense of achievement and pride from their work and that of others.

But building camaraderie, eliminating conflict, and recognizing employees is not easy in a hurried, cash-strapped environment. Thankfully, Laura can help you assess needs and design tactics, exercises, and programs to inspire your team to peak performance.


Leadership Coaching & Career Development

Perhaps you’re transitioning into a new role. Maybe you need to learn new skills like public speaking, fundraising, or meeting facilitation. It could be working to eliminate or minimize a weakness holding you back. Or maybe this describes someone on your team. Either way, Laura can help.

She’ll help you review leadership profiles, evaluate leadership and management gaps, analyze organizational opportunities and challenges, and develop innovative, realistic strategies and solutions for achieving higher levels of performance and success.

She combines goal setting, personal coaching and support, self-assessment, and learning and productivity tools to help you identify and achieve your career goals, move through transition, and grow overall productivity.


Board & Staff Retreats

Laura really delivers when it comes to bringing your group together to do good even better. Her teambuilding-driven interactive retreats, workshops, and trainings are ideal for board members, staff, and volunteers wanting to develop new skills, work through organizational challenges, and build a stronger sense of cohesion. Whether for an evening or over a weekend, sessions offer the time and space to acknowledge successes, discuss and address challenges, and celebrate achievements.

Laura is an adept facilitator, blending discussion and small group activities, individual reflection and work, as well as personal action planning that leave attendees feeling recognized, refreshed, reinvigorated, and ready to re-engage with the work at hand.


Volunteer Programming

Managing volunteers is similar to managing paid staff, except that volunteers aren’t compensated for their time or services. They do, though, expect to be treated with respect, trained, supervised, given feedback, and have rewarding experiences.

Nearly 25% of the U.S. population volunteers, donating billions of hours to do good around the world. Across all demographics, people want to lend a hand and give back. But their volunteer experience must be meaningful, for they have plenty of other choices when it comes to donating time.

If you’re having a hard time managing, recruiting, or retaining volunteers – or you’re growing so fast you can’t keep up – it’s probably time to take a look at your volunteer plan and make some updates. Laura can help. No volunteer plan? No problem. She can help you create a one for recruiting, scheduling, training, reviewing, and recognizing volunteers.

When it comes to volunteers pitching in to do good, Laura‘s got you covered.


Other Customized Teambuilding & Coaching Services

Laura’s work is all custom to your organizational needs. If you don’t see what you need here, contact her. She’ll work with you on a unique plan that fits your group’s needs and budget.

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